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1. Project Introduction

CocoSwap provides a new Mix mechanism, which not only aggregates transactions, but also supports pending order transactions, providing users with a better trading experience.

Mix can help users find the optimal trading path among multiple Dex. When the user's transaction volume is large or the liquidity of a certain Dex is insufficient, it will cause the user to bear greater slippage and loss. At this time, Mix can split and reorganize the transaction, assign corresponding weights among each Dex, and ultimately help users process large transactions at the best exchange rate.

CocoSwap is committed to building a comprehensive platform integrating aggregation trading, DEX, IDO, and DAO on Defi. Provide users with a more secure and credible decentralized Token exchange service that is more diversified in asset selection and configuration, and has a higher expected return on investment.

As the core trading medium Token of CocoSwap: COCO, this article will describe the economic model of COCO Token in detail.

2.COCO Token distribution and unlocking

2.1 Basic information

Name: COCO Token

Total amount: 1,000,000,000

Block reward: CocoSwap@HECO Output: 115200 (4 coco/block), CocoSwap@OEC output: 1036800 (43.2/block).

Halving cycle: 2 months

2.2 Economic model

CocoSwap's platform Token: COCO, the total supply is about 1 billion, of which 8% is used as a team reward for team operation, technology research and development, etc., and the smart contract is unlocked 24 months after the launch. 7% is used as an early investor share to provide more sufficient and beneficial funds and resources for the development of CocoSwap; 4% is used for marketing and brand building; 1% is used for airdrop rewards; all are unlocked in 12 months after going online. The remaining 80% is used for on-chain liquidity mining and transaction mining.

2.3 Transaction fee rate

After liquidity mining and transaction mining are started, Swap will charge a transaction fee of 0.3%, and Mix will charge a transaction fee of 0.02%

3.COCO Token Application Scenario

COCO Token, as the core trading medium Token of CocoSwap, not only represents the rights of the holder, but also has its practical application value. COCO Token can be used in the following scenarios.

3.1 Governance tokens

CocoSwap is a decentralized project led by the community. COCO Token can be used to govern the community of CocoSwap and make decisions on major events in the community. For example, voting to determine the proportion of transaction fees, deliberation of other important regulations, and the decision to achieve deflation on the regular repurchase and destruction of tokens, and so on. Listed as follows:

3.1.1 Voting liquidity mining and transaction mining whitelist

Comprehensive evaluation is carried out according to the dimensions of the project party's transaction volume and lock-up amount, and the user holding COCO Token will vote and decide.

3.1.2 Repurchase and destruction

Swap will charge 0.3% of all transactions as a transaction fee. Swap will empower COCO Token with 66% of the total fee income.

CocoSwap is a highly innovative DeFi project that combines the advantages of the current DEX on the market and combines the characteristics of the centralized exchange platform Token. Based on the rapid development and ecological prosperity of the DeFi ecosystem. It has great room for imagination and growth.

CocoSwap aims to lay the foundation for accelerating the construction of DeFi ecosystem. With DEX as the starting point, it looks forward to realizing the unlimited potential of DeFi in the fields of lending, insurance, and asset management.

The design and implementation of the CocoSwap project are also continuously improving, including how to attract more external assets, innovating more DeFi business models, etc. are the directions we are researching. All community members are welcome to actively participate in and continuously optimize the CocoSwap project.




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